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Manchester United Songs & Chants
There's virtually a new song or chant being sang every week at Old Trafford or when United play away. Manchester United fans are pretty unique and very witty when coming up with new songs about the team, chants for players, or banter back with the opposition. No other team has a songlist so big.
We've compiled the definitive collection of Manchester United songs you may hear when United are in town.
There's old classics you might have forgotten about, chants you'll hear every week, and new songs you might be trying to discover the words for. Look no further, we've got them all...
New United Songs
That Tw*t from Argentina
Dimitar Berb-a-tov
Once more than England
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~ Come On You Reds ~
Official Manchester United songs, CDs and other releases
In the past Manchester United released FA Cup Final songs. Thanks largely to their massive fanbase and their record number of Wembley appearances, many of these often-shocking releases became chart hits, with 1994's 'C'mon You Reds' even spending two weeks at the top of the UK charts and also reaching Number 1 in Ireland, Malta and some Scandanavian countries.
We've compiled every official Manchester United song release for you on one page, as well as a few fan releases and compilation albums too.
~ Take Me Home United Road ~
Manchester United songs about the team
Manchester United fans are universally recognised as having the most vocal away support in the Premiership, and certainly the biggest song base. Whilst the atmosphere at Old Trafford may not be as celebrated, it's certainly as creative with many unique songs and chants developing over the years, usually copied or adapted by clubs up and down the country. We've rounded up hundreds of Manchester United songs about the team and the club, including many that you sadly don't hear that often.
~ Who Put The Ball in the German's Net? ~
Manchester United songs about the players
Manchester United players have always been treated well by the supporters with most having their own songs and chants. King Eric once said, "So much the better if my goals give you something to sing about. Nothing else is important!". Even now, years after he's finished playing, the Stretford End still go through their array of Cantona songs. We've rounded up all the songs for the current Manchester United players as well as those for previous reds legends.
~ Are You Watching Merseyside? ~
Man United songs aimed at the opposition
Despite our own success, Manchester United fans often still appear obsessed with putting down the enemy, with songs and chants aimed at Liverpool, Manchester City, Leeds and England guaranteed to receive an airing at every game. Teams like Arsenal and Chelsea also come in for some stick when they play United, whilst almost every team has a chant in the United songbook ready to be used when they visit Old Trafford. We've rounded up all the best songs aimed at United's rivals.
~ Don't Be A Muppet ~
The Do's and Don'ts of Following United
Don't call them 'Man U' in Manchester
Do call them 'United' or 'Reds''
Don't sing 'Who Are Ya?' or 'Easy! Easy!'
Do sing 'Who The F'ckn Hell Are You?' and 'This Is So F'ckn Easy!'
Don't ever leave before the final whistle!
Do remember the words "...and Solskjaer has won it!"
Don't wear a Jesters Hat if you're old enough to know better
Do wear your lucky scarf or retro United kit
Don't wear half and half scarfs, unless you're at a Euro away
Do sing "Twenty Times, Twenty Times"
• Don't fall for the 'pro-Glazer' nonsense
Don't bring a St George's Cross or England shirt to the game
Don't wear an Ireland shirt to the game
Do wear United colours, including Newton Heath's green & gold
Don't get on the backs of United players. Never ever boo the team!
Do get behind the team, even the players you don't like
Don't boo ex-United players (except Carlos Tevez)
Do learn the new songs quickly - and sing them
Don't buy a fanzine thinking it's the offical match day programme
Do buy the fanzines - United We Stand, Red Issue and Red News
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