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Welcome to Pride Of Manchester, the website which has been promoting the wonderful city of Manchester, it's places, people and past-times since 1999. Together with the definitive what's on, theatre, restaurant, bar and hotel guides, we aim to provide you with a brief background of aspects of Mancunian life by embracing, celebrating and hero-worshiping those that have made the city the place that is today.

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Our History

It's hard to think that the Pride Of Manchester 'empire' grew from an idea on a drunken night out.

Chief Executive, Neil Jones explains...

"I seem to remember we had been to the game (United 1-0 Liverpool) and had met up with 25 Swiss lads, 5 Germans and 2 Austrians in town afterwards. We had a fantastic banquet at Pearl City in China Town, spent a couple of hours with the Dutch United Supporter's Club singing in Wetherspoon's at Piccadlly and then got extremely drunk in R.S.V.P. on Deansgate. I remember us all being sat on the steps to The Bridgewater Hall, down by the canal basin, tearing strips off a disgusting greasy Allen's Fried Chicken, and admiring the fantastic architecture that surrounded us, long before the horrible Beetham Tower blighted the skyline.

"Many of the foreigners were claiming that Manchester was the best place they had ever visited and we got talking about the talent that had emerged from the city. One of the German lads really wanted to see The Haçienda, The Boardwalk and some other place that I thought only us Mancs would have surely heard off. The others were telling us that we should be so proud of our city - its football team, music scene and scientific breakthroughs. It was then that the idea for the website was devised, albeit Boddingtons-fuelled, (in the days when Boddies was a Manchester beer!)".

Originally set up as a hobby in July 1999 as united MANCHESTER, the site has continued to grow and grow thanks to its many contributors. With a name change to Pride Of Manchester in 2000 (the old name often mislead people to believe the site was solely devoted to Manchester United FC), the site has continued to grow in popularity at an astonishing pace...

The site became a full-time operation in September 2003 with 3 permanent employees (Neil, Jim and Rob). Today, Pride Of Manchester has grown to be a large collection of websites, expanding further afield to include, at one time or another, the largest hotel guides for the O2 Arena, Wembley, Twickenham, the Faroe Islands and many Swiss towns and cities.

We also produce the largest theatre guides for many other English cities including Liverpool, Birmingham and Oxford amongst many. As the Pride Of Manchester site goes from strength from strength, don't expect us to stray from our original philosophy... one that celebrates Manchester and it's amazing talent in a way that typifies the personality of the region's people... friendly, fun loving and informal!.


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Telephone: 0161 870 6218


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