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New Manchester Music Releases - Gary Barlow

Layfullstop ~ Colour Reaction

The 50 latest releases from the "Rock'n'Goal Capital of the World" listed in order of Spotify plays
Chart includes artists from Manchester, groups formed in Manchester, bands with Mancunian lead singers or key musicians, RNCM and Chetham's alumni, and includes bands with a strong Manchester connection.

~ Updated 20 May 2018 ~
Blossoms 1 ~ Blossoms Listen
Cool Like You
The Stockport indie favourite's highly anticipated second album, debuts at UK. no.4. The 11 tracks of 80s inspired synth-layered, riff heavy pop, include the UK no.77 single, "I Can't Stand It", and UK no.95 "There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)", A deluxe edition includes acoustic versions of each track. (27 Apr)

See them live: WARRINGTON - 27th May 2018

Riton (New)up 2 ~ Riton Listen

Fresh from having their"Rinse & Repeat" track used on the latest Vauxhall Corsa ad, Geordie DJ Henry Smithson - who started his career in Manchester with Mark Rae's Grand Central label in 2001 whilst working at the Fat City Records shop - continues his partnership with Nigerian born London vocalist Kah-Lo for their new summer/Royal Wedding anthem. (18 May)

Simian Mobile Disco (4)up 3 ~ 5&Dime Listen
Upside Down

Manchester producer Lee Monteverde's 5&Dime joins forces with Leeds producer After 6 for this dance track featuring Manchester singer Janine Fagan. (27 Apr)

The Slow Readers Club (2)down 4 ~ The Slow Readers Club Listen
Build A Tower
The brilliant third album from the popular Manchester electro-guitar band received its launch at an exclusive gig for fans at Manchester Cathedral and cements their status as "Manchester's next big thing". It's their first release to debut in the UK charts (at no.18). (4 May 2018)

See them live: NORTHWICH - 19th May 2018

Pale Waves (New)up 5 ~ Pale Waves Listen

The Manchester 80's synth pop indie stars and The 1975 labelmates, return with a new single. (15 May)

Bugzy Malone (New)up 6 ~ Bugzy Malone Listen
Clash Of The Titans

"Oh-one-to-the-six-one", Manchester's leading grime hitman releases his latest crime fuelled single which sees him in "all sorts of pickles" and "like a silverback gorilla, climbing to the top of the tree and pulling off squirrels". (18 May)

Ingested (3)down 7 ~ Ingested Listen
The Level Above Human

Manchester's slamming deathcore metal kings unleash their eighth album of guttural growls and high pitched shreaks. (27 Apr)

Krystal Klear 8 ~ Krystal Klear Listen
Neutron Dance (Edit)

The most popular track from the new EP by Irish House DJ Declan Lennon - who emerged through the Manchester club scene with longstanding residences at Warehouse Project and Hoya:Hoya - gets an edited radio-friendly release. (4 May 2018)

Johnny Marr (12)up 9 ~ Johnny Marr Listen
Hi Hello

You'd be forgiven for thinking that The Smiths had reformed with Johnny Marr's brilliant new track from the forthcoming "Call The Comet" album, due 5th June. With hints to "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" and Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot", this is classing Marr. (11 May)

james (7)down 10 ~ Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Listen
It's A Beautiful World (Remixes)
The no.1 album track gets a Record Day remix from Andy Weatherall, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, transporting the Oasis guitarist back to The Hacienda. (4 May 2018)

See them live in WARRINGTON - 27th May 2018


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The Mouse Outfit (5)down 11 ~ The Mouse Outfit Listen
Jagged Tooth Crook
The new album from the jazzy Manchester hip hop crew features some of Manchester's best new names, including IAMDDB, Black Josh, Dr. Syntax, Layfullstop, Fox, Dubbul O, Ellis Meade, Sparkz, Berry Blacc, and Kinkai. (4 May 2018)


Simian Mobile Disco (6)down 12 ~ Simian Mobile Disco Listen

Former University of Manchester students James Ford and Jas Shaw release the third edited track of their forthcoming album with London's Deep Throat Choir. (25 Apr)

Krystal Klear (10)down 13 ~ Spring King Listen
The new single from Manchester's favourite garage rockers. (2 May 2018)

See them live: WARRINGTON - 26th May & THE RITZ - 29th Sep 2018

Murkage Dave (9)down 14 ~ Murkage Dave Listen
You Always Ring Me When You're Busy
The latest single from the leader of Manchester's Murkage Cartel, the culturally diverse assortment of DJs, musicians, photographers, film makers, designers and bloggers. Manchester producer Zed Bias also serves up a remix. (3 May 2018)


Simian Mobile Disco (16)up 15 ~ Simian Mobile Disco Listen

The brilliant new concept album from former University of Manchester students James Ford and Jas Shaw with London's Deep Throat Choir, features the full length versions of singles "Caught In A Wave", "Hey Sister" and "Defender". (11 May)

james (11)down 16 ~ James Listen
Broken By The Hurt
The third digital teaser from the Manchester legends' forthcoming EP, due on May 18th. (2 May 2018)


The Blinders (18)up 17 ~ The Blinders Listen
L'Etat C'est Moi
The new single from the Manchester-based Doncaster hard rockers. A second version (43 seconds longer) was also released on the 15th May. (3 May 2018)


The Fall (14)down 18 ~ The Fall Listen
A teaser from the expanded remastered double album, due 25th May. The band's 19th album and the last to feature Karl Burns and Steve Hanley, it was originally released in 1997 before going out of print shortly after following the collapse of Artful Records. (4 May 2018)


james (New)up 19 ~ James Listen
As well as releasing the new 10" EP "Better Than That" on May 18th, the Manchester legends annouce the release of a new Leciester City/Brexit/Trump inspired album, "Living In Extraordinary Times", due August 18th which features Brian Eno. They give us a pre-release teaser which takes a pop at Donald Trump; the fourth track from the EP and second to appear on the forthcoming album (16 May 2018)


BBC Philharmonic (13)down 20 ~ BBC Philharmonic Listen
Roussel: Evocations

The new album from the Manchester orchestra. featuring three of Albert Roussel's most remarkable compositions ("Suite in F, Op.33", " Pour une fête de printemps, Op.22" and "Évocation, Op.15"), debuts at no.31 in the UK Classical Charts and features RNCM graduate, Liverpudlian mezzo-soprano Kathryn Rudge, alongside Alessandro Fisher and François le Roux. (4 May)


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Tim Burgess (15)down 21 ~ Tim Burgess Listen
As I Was Now
Originally released on vinyl, 21st April, for Record Store Day, The Charlatans frontman's new solo album was recorded ten years ago, in 2008, and features Ladyhawke on vocals, Primal Scream’s Martin Duffy on keyboards, The Horrors’ Josh Heyward on guitar, My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe on Bass and Klaxons’ Steffan Halperin on drums. (11 May 2018)


The Charlatans (New)up 22 ~ The Charlatans Listen
Totally Eclipsing
The Northwich country boys return to their famous jangle pop indie sound with the digital teaser from their forthcoming EP , due 8th June. (14 May 2018)


Layfullstop (New)up 23 ~ Layfullstop Listen
Colour Reaction
The new jazz album from the unique Manchester-based Birmingham vocalist, who mixes singing and babble in Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop tracks. Also features fellow Roots Radix hip hop collective artist Woddy Green. (4 May 2018)


TCTS (New)up 24 ~ TCTS Listen

The new single from Mancunian electronica DJ Sam O'Neill with London based producer Parx. (18 May)

Children Of Zeus (22)down 25 ~ Children Of Zeus Listen
Slow Down / All Night
The brand new single from Manchester lo-fi soul duo Tyler Daley & KonnyKon. (4 May 2018)


Dantevilles (19)down 26 ~ Dantevilles Listen
Dantevilles EP
The debut EP from the Mancunian alt-pop rockers rounds up previous releases "Blackjack", "It Might Be Tomorrow", "The Fighter", "Daydreamer" and new Duran Duran-sounding track "Perfect Place". (11 May)

See them live: THE SOUP KITCHEN ~ 1st June 2018

Lost Under Heaven (20)down 27 ~ Lost Under Heaven Listen
Bunny's Blues
The latest single from ex=Wu Lyf frontman Ellery Roberts and his Dutch girlfriend Ebony Hoorn, whom he met whilst living in an abandoned Manchester terrace. (3 May 2018)


Bipolar Sunshine (New)up 28 ~ Bipolar Sunshine Listen
Major Love (Mason Collective Remix)
The 2017 single from the former Kid British frontman, Chorlton's Adio Marchant, gets a brilliant remix from the Manchester production trio, Mason Collective (9 May 2018)

See him live: Band On The Wall - 6th June

Swing Out Sister (27)down 29 ~ Swing Out Sister Listen
All In A Heartbeat

The second digital teaser from Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell's forthcoming album "Almost Persuaded", (due on 22nd June), sees the Manchester-formed duo take a more laid-back retro jazz approach. (11 May)

Marcus Intalex (28)down 30 ~ Marcus Intalex Listen
Marcus Intalex EP
The posthumous EP release from the influential Manchester drum'n'bass artist, who died exactly a year ago, aged 45. (4 May 2018)



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Children Of Zeus (34)up 31 ~ Children Of Zeus Listen
No Sunshine Tomorrow (Sunset Version)
The soulful new single from Manchester lo-fi soul duo Tyler Daley & KonnyKon serves up a stripped down piano version of their new album track. (11 May 2018)


Finley Quaye 32 ~ Finley Quaye Listen
All Over Again

This week's random release from the Manchester-raised, Reddish living 1998 BRIT Award winning Best Male Solo Artist, is yet another inexplicable cutting room floor track. The artwork features Clifton Down Road in Bristol, a city the Scottish born reggae star is connected to through relatives - he is uncle to Massive Attack's Tricky, despite being six years younger. (7 May)

LIINES (31)down 33 ~ LIINES Listen
Stop - Start

The debut album from the Manchester-based Joy Division influenced post-punk girls. (4 May)

Dear Caroline (45)up 34 ~ Dear Caroline Listen
Idle Tongue

The new Spotify single from the energetic Manchester indie four piece. (4 May)

Daft Funk (38)up 35 ~ Daft Funk Listen
The Good Old Days
The new disco single from the same Stockport producer behind Audio Jacker, Discotron, Jack Le Funk, Giorgio Rodgers, Boogie Freaks, and countless other aliases on his Tasty Recordings label. (7 May 2018)


Finley Quaye (New)up 36 ~ Finley Quaye Listen

Surely a week hasn't already gone by since the last random inexplicable cutting room floor release from the Manchester-raised, Reddish living 1998 BRIT Award winning Best Male Solo Artist? (15 May)

Discotron (New)up 37 ~ Discotron Listen
I Wish I Didn't Miss You
Angie Stone gets a sampling along with The O'Jays (and presumably a royalty cheque?) from today's release by the same Stockport producer hiding behind the Daft Funk, Weekend Players, Disko Junkie, Audio Jacker, Boogie Freaks, Martello, Serial Thrilla, Jack Le Funk, Giorgio Rodgers, Soul Power, Hype The Phunk, Phunk Rokerz, and countless other aliases on his Tasty Recordings label. (14 May 2018)


North Base (35)down 38 ~ North Base Listen
More & More
The new single from Manchester's latest Drum & Bass export features Greek singer Marianna Ray. (7 May)

See them live: FAC 251 - 10th June & CREAMFIELDS - 24th Aug 2018

Wrigz (36)down 39 ~ Wrigz & Liquid Listen
Teaming back up with fellow Manc MC, Liquid, the Manchester grime artist, formerly known as Wrigley, releases his fourth album this year (with a fifth on its way). (9 May 2018)


Carmel (37)down 40 ~ Carmel Listen
Brave New Waves Session
The new live album from the popular 1980's Manchester jazz act, recorded live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1988. (4 May 2018)



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Pacific (39)down 41 ~ Pacific Listen
Should Have Known
The new single from the Northwich anthemic piano driven indie band. (11 May 2018)


Audio Jacker (New)up 42 ~ Audio Jacker Listen
The Funky Sound
Less funky, more repetitve is the best way to describe the sound of the new single from the same Stockport producer hiding behind the Discotron, Daft Funk, Weekend Players, Disko Junkie, Boogie Freaks, Martello, Serial Thrilla, Jack Le Funk, Giorgio Rodgers, Soul Power, Hype The Phunk, Phunk Rokerz, and countless other aliases on his Tasty Recordings label. (14 May 2018)


Future Cut (41)down 43 ~ Future Cut Listen
Bubblin' Under

The 16th and final fortnightly HD re-release of the legendary underground Manchester drum'n'bass king's 168-174 Series, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tunde Babalola and Darren Lewis's partnership. (11 May)

YOUNG (New)up 44 ~ Y.O.U.N.G. Listen
What I Gotta Do (Message To The Team)
An unofficial England World Cup song from the Manchester pop rock rap 5 piece, who re-release their 2017 debut single with a football theme. (18 May 2018)


South Island Sun (42)down 45 ~ South Island Son Listen

The second brilliant digital single, from the Northern Quarter sunshine Mancunian Americana indie rockers, once described as "Fleet Foxes on holiday" and from the same camp as The Travelling Band. (11 May)

Giorgio Rodgers (44)down 46 ~ Giorgio Rodgers Listen
Take Control
The repetitive funk fuelled single from the same Stockport producer behind Discotron, Daft Funk, Weekend Players, Disko Junkie, Audio Jacker, Boogie Freaks, Martello, Serial Thrilla, Jack Le Funk, Soul Power, Hype The Phunk, Phunk Rokerz, and countless other aliases on his Tasty Recordings label. (7 May 2018)


Jade Assembly (New)up 47 ~ The Jade Assembly Listen
Nothing Changes
The anthemic Bolton rockers keep their "Jade Army" happy with the release of another stadium-ready single. (11 May)


The Nix 48 ~ The Nix Listen

The new single from the unsigned Stockport Indie Rock quintet. (4 May)

Jess Kemp (New)up 49 ~ Jess Kemp Listen
No Shouting
The first single in over a year from the brilliant Salford singer-songwriter, a Music Business student at BIMM Manchester. (18 May)


Maynard Mason (New)up 50 ~ Mason Maynard Listen
Shake Ya Bahddy
The 21 year old Manchester producer provides a remix of London DJ Losh Judlow's new single. (11 May)



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