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If you want to market your business direct to a specific audience, there can't be many ways than advertising on Pride Of Manchester. With a huge array of subjects covered, you can reach the customer base you desire so easily, and yet unbelievably cheaply.

With over 50,000 unique visitors each week - that's 200,000 people a month (which is more than most Premiership football stadiums accomodate in the same period!) - your target audience is huge.


Previous advertisers on Pride Of Manchester have included local companies Cussons Imperial Leather, smile - the internet bank, The Dolby Hotel, Blue Cat clothing and the amazing Suites Hotel in Knowsley.

We offer various advertising opportunities available, including affiliate links (where we take a percentage of the total sales we refer), 120 x 120 banner advertisements (as shown on the right), or 468 x 60 top-of-the-page banner adverts.

The boring stuff...

492,336 page impressions per month
(that's the number of times one of our pages has appeared on somebody's screen)
202,144 unique users per month
(that's the number of people who visit Pride Of Manchester)
and for the techie minded - 17,149,712 hits per month
[source: BitStrike Software's Absolute Log Analyser 8th Feb 2005]

How cheap is 'cheap'?...

Full Banner size 468x60 (at top of page)
from £10 per 1,000 page impressions (that's just 1p every time it's shown)
120x120 banners (at side of page)
from £5 per 1,000 page impressions (that's just half a pence for every time it's shown)
Don't worry if you haven't got a banner made up already - we can make one for you.

To talk to us about advertising on Pride Of Manchester, click here.

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Manchester, England - The Story of the Pop Cult City by Dave Haslam
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